Aamir Khan prefers Ranbir over nephew Imran

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Bollywood ‘Mr Perfectionist’ Aamir Khan is known for his clear-cut answers, even when it comes to his dear nephew. Aamir minced no words when he approved Ranbir Kapoor over Imran Khan.

Buzz has it that a recent interview, talking in terms of acting, Aamir Khan rated Ranbir Kapoor higher than his own nephew. He said, “I love Imran, but Ranbir is a better actor.”

Interestingly, when ‘I Hate Love Storys’ released, Aamir tweeted, “Imran, guess you got lucky,” to which a timid Imran responded by saying, “It ain`t luck mamujaan.”

Perhaps, Aamir wants Imran to buck-up and get into some serious acting like Ranbir Kapoor. Hmm…now that’s a witty maamujaan.