Aamir's ‘Satyamev Jayate’: Taslima Nasreen goes sarcastic!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Feminist and social activist Taslima Nasreen seems to be in a sheer state of shock following the success of Aamir Khan’s debut TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that talks about a number of concerning social issues.

The writer is apparently amazed to see the power of superstars who endorse social campaigns by using their “pretty faces”. The lady seems to be mighty peeved with the fact that people tend to follow stars while efforts of social activists fighting for similar causes go unnoticed.

Taslima took to Twitter to vent out her disillusionment and wrote, “From now on film stars should talk about social problems on TV. Everybody will listen to them. Ppl don`t listen to human rights activists (sic).”

“Feminists have been talking about female foeticide and its dangerous effects for decades. Ppl have learned about it today from star plus(sic),” she added with a pinch of sarcasm.

The writer also had a piece of advice to give to Bollywood biggies Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, who also have an ocean of fan following.

She wrote, “Dear Salman Khan, please talk about rape, domestic violence and dowry murder on TV tomorrow. Ppl should know about these problems(sic),” and added, “Dear Shahrukh Khan, pl talk about sexual abuse & sexual slavery on TV. Ppl shd know about these problems. We talk, but we`re not film stars(sic).”

However, she spared Aamir by showing words of appreciation for his efforts on his show ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

“I salute Aamir Khan for being so courageous and for raising people`s consciousness. #gendercide(sic),” she said but later added, “I wish I were a film star!(sic),” showing that bit of envy for not being a star!

But the impact Aamir’s show has created has indeed made her wonder if she could use the name of a film star on the cover of her upcoming book to boost sales.

“I`ll put a film star`s name as author of my next book and will put his/her pretty face on the cover(sic),” Taslima wrote.

Well, we really don’t know if it’s Aamir’s star status or something else that has done the magic for ‘Satyamev Jayate’, but one thing is for sure, the show has indeed been able to awaken sleeping souls!

We are sure you wouldn’t disagree with us on this, Taslima!

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