AB Junior is not comfortable with so much intervention in his personal life!

Updated: Apr 22, 2011, 18:39 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The Bachchan couple has always been in spotlight over something or the other. Public and media is obsessed with the Bachchan’s but AB junior has stated that how much he dislikes being questioned on his personal life.

When a tabloid asked him about his plans of being a dad, and he said, "I don`t understand why everyone is so bothered or excited about it. Now, it`s reached a level where, you know, I`m like, `Guys, can you let it be? It`s my personal life.` And secondly, it`s not like something I can hide. Tomorrow, if Aishwarya is pregnant, it`s not like we can lock her away and say, `You are not going to come out in public or something,`" he says, and begins to smile, "It`s not something we can hide, it`s going to be very apparent, and we both believe that these things are blessings from God, and will happen when they have to happen. There`s so much speculation – I find it a bit needless. I am not bothered about my friends, and don`t ask them whether they are having a child or not. I`d find asking that question a little intrusive."

Off late Abhishek Bachchan’s movies have failed to create buzz at the box office and its high time that AB jr delivers a hit specially after disasters like, ‘Raavan’ and ‘Khelien Hum Jee Jaan Se’.

He has lot of films lined up in the coming year and is busy working round the clock to complete various projects. He won`t be accompanying wife Aishwarya to Cannes. "I`ll be in Russia, shooting," he tells a daily.

He now wants to make clear how his personal life is his own business and not everyone should get nosy about it. When there is a good news the whole world will know he says, "The intrusion into our privacy is fine, but then, like I said, when something like that happens, the whole world will know. Why`d we hide it? It`s going to be the happiest day in our lives. And I think I`ll make a very good father."

Well, AB Baby we wish you luck and let’s hope we get to hear good news from you soon then!