Abbas Tyrewala is lying, says the recently-sued Preity Zinta

Mumbai: Preity Zinta, who was recently issued a non-bailable warrant by a court for non-payment of dues by writer-director Abbas Tyrewala for his writing work in her last production Ishkq In Paris, has decided not to take the allegations lying down. She was issued the warrant after she failed to appear in court despite repeated orders.

PZ not only denies owing any money to Tyrewala but also accuses him of non-delivery of required work. Shooting in Udaipur with Sunny Deol for `Bhaiyyaji Superhit` Preity, who is known to be absolutely above-board in her professional dealings, reacted saying, “He (Abbas Tyrewala) has lied. He has deposited a cheque that was supposed to be used only if and when he did the work required for our film. This, he did not do. So we don’t owe him any money.”

Preity further states that Tyrewala didn’t possess any written document regarding his agreement with Preity’s production house. “He signed no papers, did no work for us and yet took a cheque from us that was not meant to be taken. If he has any any proof or any paperwork proving he has done any work for us he is most welcome to take a payment.”

Preity says, “We stopped his payment because we didn’t owe him anything. Now he claims a cheque for work that he did not do has bounced.”

Apparently every single person who worked in Ishkq In Paris has been paid. Preity affirms and adds, “Yes, we’ve paid everyone. If we owed this guy (Tyrewala) we would have paid him too. I cannot and will not pay someone for work he has not done. He abused my trust and goodwill and took a cheque from me which was meant to be used only if he worked for us.”

Preity says Tyrewala is guilty of breach of trust. “I did not register a case of a stolen cheque as I didn’t want to embarrass him. But now the matter is in court and it’s all on record. I won’t be blackmailed just because I am a known face and name.”
Preity has proof of Tyrewala’s allegedly fraudulent monetary claims.

“We have submitted our proof to the court.We will take appropriate action against him now that he has taken the matter to court and involved the media for publicity. I am not stupid to put myself at risk with a bounced cheque for a relatively meager sum of money.” K Jha

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