Actor Abhay Deol supports youth initiative to change Indian society

ANI| Updated: Mar 21, 2014, 17:14 PM IST

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Abhay Deol has said that he wholeheartedly supports efforts by youngsters to initiate change in society.

Deol, 38, felicitated the youth for endorsing social causes at an event organised here by a Hindi youth entertainment channel.

The channel has launched two programmes to spread a message of change, which will be telecast by reconstructing real life events.

"They are talking about serious issues, they are spoofing it on one level but yet they are holding on to what`s integrally true and what needs to be highlighted. Again, being a TV channel they have to entertain. They are choosing to entertain within a realm of spreading a message, investing in a website, letting people know where to go, guide them; that`s a collective movement towards a good campaign," said Deol.

Deol further said: "You can go and do a morcha (protest) or a campaign, fine, fair enough. I think a collective voice of the people to be heard against injustice is great. But beyond confrontation there should also be participation. So, while you confront, you should also participate. Corruption is a systemic problem, violence against women is a cultural problem; we need to recognise that the enemy is not somewhere far away, the enemy is within."

Deol honoured the young crusaders for contributing in fighting violence, eve teasing, environment change and more. He also lauded a woman for her initiative to open a toy library for underprivileged children.