Actors treat me differently: Ben Affleck

London: Actor-filmmaker Ben Affleck says his fellow actors have now changed the way they used to treat him when he began working behind the camera.

"I`m not one of the guys any more. I remember I was walking over to the house guests and I heard one of the guys talking about getting stoned - I think somebody had brought something into the house - and as I arrived everybody clammed up," quoted the 40-year-old as saying.

"I thought, `When did I become this guy? What am I, the dad?` I`m an a****ole all of a sudden," he added.

Affleck says he forced six actors, who play hostages in his spy thriller "Argo", to live like they would`ve done in the 70s, taking away their luxuries and he admits they didn`t enjoy the experience or his demands.

"I took the six and made them live on the set for a week, gave them all the newspapers and the records and the magazines and their wardrobes, took away all their phones and closed the door," he said.

"They were having bad iPod withdrawal. There was so much bitter complaint we had to have a production assistant standing outside with the phones in case of an emergency call," he added.


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