Adopt homeless dogs: Trisha Krishnan

New Delhi: Actress Trisha Krishnan, who made her Bollywood debut with `Khatta Meetha`, is urging people to adopt homeless dogs in new advertisement for animal activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.

In the ad she appears with a rescued dog named Bambi, who was tormented by a group of schoolboys before being rescued by a passing motorist.

The ad, shot by ace photographer G. Venket Ram, reads, "Be an Angel: Adopt a Homeless Dog", encouraging people to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or the streets.

Krishnan also revealed her own story of how she rescued her dog, Cadbury, from the streets.

"I found him … in Hyderabad (while) I was shooting for a film. We were just driving past, and we saw this small little puppy who was wounded … and he couldn`t walk, and he was lying in the rain," said Trisha.

Cadbury received medical care and now is a part of her family. "He came back home with me … and he is like the son I never had," she said.