Adopting Meg was not a trend based decision: Heigl

Updated: Jun 10, 2010, 15:06 PM IST

London: Katherine Heigl, who officially adopted a 10-month-old girl from Korea last year, says her mother adopting a Korean child more than three decades ago inspired her to also do so and that she didn`t do it to be in the trend.

Heigl said: "It`s so funny. My mom and I joke about it when people say, `You`re just doing it because it`s trendy." My mum says, `Well, I`m trendier than everybody because I did it in 1970s when I adopted your sister Meg.`"

The actress, who is married to Josh Kelley, says she is very happy with Nancy Leigh`s presence in her life.

"I`m very grateful for this little being in my life. I`m proud she`s my daughter. I`m so happy we found each other," a news website quoted her as saying.

Heigl is not so keen to have biological children because she feels she won`t then be able to adopt more babies who don`t have anyone to look after them.

She said, "We`ve talked about biological children, and we haven`t ruled it out. But I would like to adopt again. If I have a biological child, there will sure be a child who will go without a mother?"