Adrien Brody wants to visit India again

Los Angeles: Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody, who shot for `The Darjeeling Limited` in India, says the country helped him connect with his spiritual side.

The `Pianist` star, whose latest film `Predators`, hits theatres in India on August 6, says he would love to return to the country.

"I have visited India twice ? before and during the filming of The Darjeeling Limited (TDL). The first time, I was overwhelmed by the economic situation there. So, I think I was not able to enjoy the real beauty of the place. But during the filming of TDL, I think I really connected with the people there and that made it a whole new experience for me. That trip kind of got me reconnected with my spiritual side," the actor said.

Besides enjoying the rich culture and the warmth of the people in India, the Predators actor says he also had his share of `mis-adventures` in the country.

"I had a couple of minor accidents when I felt I`d die, but it all seems so funny now, looking back at those times. I had a wonderful time in India and would certainly love to visit the country one again,` Brody said.