After friendship and an alleged affair, Shah Rukh and Priyanka turn strangers!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: A whirlwind of emotions, cold shoulders being meted out to her, and she turning out to be the bone of contention in her best buddy’s family. For actor Priyanka Chopra, the last few months couldn’t have been worse. The allegations of an affair with Shah Rukh Khan left Priyanka grappling her way through what was perhaps the darkest phase of her life.

After being treated with a royal ignore at the success party of ‘Don 2’ that was thrown by Gauri, Priyanka has hardly been seen in close circles of her once ‘best buddy’ Shah Rukh. So much so, that PC wasn’t even invited to the celebrations at the Roshan mansion post the success of ‘Agneepath’ though she was the leading lady of the film.

And now the grapevine is abuzz with something even juicier. The stars, who were once very good friends and were hardly inseparable, seem to have called their friendship off. Going by what is being heard only too very often, Shah Rukh and Priyanka are no longer seen next to each other at events. The recent film festivals have borne a bitter witness to the way Priyanka has supposedly been neglected by Shah Rukh. The loyal husband is now seen more by his wife’s side.

Meanwhile, the million dollar question is still fresh in everyone’s minds: ‘Did they or didn’t they?’. And if what we have been interpreting turns out to be true, then, well… let’s not dig too deep into their closets. Who knows what skeletons will greet us there!