Akshay Kumar bonds with Aamir, SRK

Updated: Jun 16, 2010, 17:13 PM IST

Mumbai: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar had a "superstar experience" while flying in and out of Mumbai recently.

When the actor was travelling from London to Mumbai, Aamir Khan was on his flight and next day when he took a flight back to London to join his wife and son for summer holidays, he met Shah Rukh Khan.

Akshay described his superstar experience on twitter as "funniest".

The actor said both he and Aamir enjoyed a bit of the football world cup before they flew back to Mumbai together.

"And the next day I flew back to London to join my wife and son for our summer holiday and I met Shah Rukh Khan on my flight. It was nice to know he feels as grateful as I am
for being a part of our industry and how lucky we are...," he wrote.

Akshay, who is currently shooting for `Patiala House` in London, said it was amazing that he managed to chat more with his work mates on a flight than he does in the entire

Even Shah Rukh tweeted about his encounter with Akshay, considered to be his rival. "had akshay kumar for company.was wonderful to be with him after so long. Laughed for hours…we always do whenever v meet. happiness to him," he wrote.

However, the plane ride to London was scary, SRK wrote. "scary plane ride...200 km/hr headwind knocked us all over. thought was going to die so covered my face and hid
under thin blanket. felt safer."