Akshay Kumar is less in demand than Irrfan Khan!

Spicezee bureau

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar might be a well-known name in India and abroad, but the actor’s fame takes a backseat when he is put up against Irrfan Khan. Shocking as it may sound, but when it comes to be acknowledged abroad, it’s Irrfan Khan who takes the lead. And this became known to Akshay when a fan, on an outside location for a film, refused to pose with Akshay and waited for Irrfan instead.

According to reports, Akshay, Irrfan and Sonam were shooting for Aneez Bazmee’s ‘Thank You’. During the shoot, a fan approached a crew member and asked if she could get a picture clicked with the stars of the film. When the crew member pointed out to Akshay, she said that she wanted to get a picture clicked with Irrfan instead.

Confirming the news, a source said, “A lady foreigner came to the sets and asked one of the crewmembers if she could get a picture clicked with the actors. Akshay, who was standing nearby, overheard her. When the crew member pointed at Akshay and asked her if she wanted to click pictures with him, she refused and said, ‘I don’t want to click pictures with him. I want to click one with Irrfan Khan’.”

When Akshay heard this, he was initially shocked, but later laughed it off. Well, looks like Irrfan is a much more ‘international’ than our Khiladi!