Akshay Kumar makes Karan Johar pay for his slide comments

Updated: Apr 26, 2010, 19:49 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar might play the role of a bumpkin to perfection onscreen, but in real life, the actor is quick to take offense and show his wrath. And Karan Johar is one filmmaker who is facing the Khiladi’s ire ever since he made certain nonsensical comments about Akki. Even though the two continue to speak, the growing acrimony between the icons is more than visible.

Buzz has it that ever since KJo in his unassuming manner made a slide on Akshay, the actor has been avoiding his invitation to feature on a show. According to sources, during a debate at FICCI-Frames 2010, KJo said, "What are these movies Akshay does? I don`t understand them."

When the comments were relayed to Akki, he felt that KJo had taken a deliberate shot at him. Nevertheless, when Johar realised his mistake he called on Akki to explain and apologise for his comments. And even though the actor spoke to him and convinced him that he had forgiven him, he continued to dodge KJo’s invitation to feature on his show Lift Kara De.

Confirming the news a source said, “Akshay didn`t shoot for it. He always took the calls, and said he would try to fit it into his schedule but he was remained too busy. The show has now wrapped without the Khiladi appearing on it. Every other top actor in the country was part of the show. “

Well, looks like Akshay has taken KJo’s comments to his heart.