Akshay Kumar steps in to help buddy Sajid Nadiawala

Updated: Jun 14, 2010, 21:14 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: It can be painful trying to find suitable living arrangements in London while the holiday season is on and it is becoming next to impossible for even big shots of Bollywood to book a hotel room and enjoy family vacation. Well known producer Sajid Nadiawala is the latest victim of the holiday rush in the UK and sources confirm that when he could not find any place to stay in London, Akshay Kumar came to his rescue by offering his own apartment to stay over for a while.

A source close to Akshay said, "Sajid took really ill after the release of Housefull and has been resting at home. Nadiadwala, who`s due to leave for London later this week on a month-long holiday with wife Wardha, sons Subhaan and Sufiyan, mother Shafaqat and his sister and her family, was held up because they couldn`t find any place to put up. It`s the holiday season and London is filled with tourists at this time of the year.”

The source continued, "Akki is living in a posh locality in North London with his family -- wife Twinkle, son Aarav, mother-in-law Dimple and sister-in-law Rinke. When he heard about Sajid`s predicament, he immediately arranged for his friend`s family to stay at his own apartment. Akshay, Tina and their son will leave for a cruise next week the same time that Nadiadwala arrives in London. So it works out well for everyone concerned."

Khiladi Kumar has also promised the ailing Sajid that he will take him to Canada for treatment. "Akshay is very familiar with the Canadian medical system and is keen to get his friend treated for his ailment there."

Now what would you call this – if not certifying the classis phrase ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed?’