Akshay motivated me for `Speedy Singhs`: Vinay Virmani

New Delhi: If not for Akshay Kumar, first time actor-writer Vinay Virmani, a young Canadian of Indian origin, may not have realised his dream of making a film.

Vinay is in his 20s and even after finishing acting school in New York, was yet to find his bearings in life. Left wondering how he would progress, it was family friend Akshay who helped him find a direction.

"I was going through several drafts of `Speedy Singhs`, a story which is centred on ice hockey. Akshay is a close family friend and when I told him about all that I had written so far, he was really into it," Vinay told reporters.

"Akshay himself loves ice hockey and was curious to know how I was planning to bring this sport on screen while
ensuring cinematic entertainment. What he really connected with was the entire father-son angle in the film. Once he
found himself immersed in the drama, he was the first person to motivate me into going ahead and turn `Speedy Singhs` into a reality," he added.

`Speedy Singhs`, with the international title `Breakaway`, is a comedy-drama film directed by Robert Lieberman starring Russell Peters, Camilla Belle, and Anupam Kher besides Vinay.

Akshay is the co-producer of the film which is releasing on September 23.
Looking back at the entire experience of making the film,
Vinay feels that he is pretty much seeing his own self and
character unfold on the big screen.

"Playing Rajveer Singh has been pretty much a dream role for me. When I had started writing the film two years ago, I
was at that stage in life where I was a little lost. For
someone in his 20s who was trying to figure himself out,
this one has come straight from the heart."

The newcomer says he is grateful for the trust and confidence that Akshay showed in him right through this two
year journey, adding that he shares a personal bonding with the Bollywood actor.

"Our relationship has never been on a professional level.
He and my father have been friends for quite some time. Akshay also has this very long association with Canada; it is akin to his second home. A lot of my growing up has happened with Akshay. He is not only my friend; he is also my big brother," said Vinay.

Not only Akshay, Vinay`s father too motivated him when he
was struggling to find his footing in cinema.

"I was auditioning at different places, when my father asked me to write something for myself. He said that since I had so many real life stories and characters around me, all I had to do was imagine how I would like to see myself as one such character on screen. This is when I started thinking about the friends I love and the sports of ice hockey which is close to my heart," said Vinay.


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