Akshay plans a trekking holiday with wife Twinkle

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: After the release of his upcoming film, ‘Khatta Meetha’, Akshay Kumar is all set to take his wife Twinkle on a trekking holiday in the quiet mountains of Jammu.

News has it that after Toronto, Akshay is so impressed by the pristine beauty of Jammu that he is planning to return there for a trekking trip with his wife Twinkle. Indeed, Akshay intends to discover remote areas of Jammu on a motorcycle.

Talking about his idea of visiting Jammu to a news daily, Akshay said, “I returned to Jammu after five years. Nothing had changed. I was stunned by the natural unspoilt beauty of the place. Jammu has not turned into a concrete jungle. It was so soothing and peaceful. Sometimes I just want to get away from all the stress.”

“There are endless stretches of mountains and valleys waiting to be explored. And the only way to do it is on two wheels. As we travel we’ll pitch a tent anywhere in the night. It would be fun and adventurous,” he said.

Speaking on the fear of being recognised and accosted by the masses, Akshay said, “My promotion of ‘Khatta Meetha’ as a common man has taught me how to deal with crowds. Last week I was in Nagpur and there were at least 15,000 people in an open field. Not once did anyone make a grab for me. People are fine as long as one doesn’t behave like a star in crowds. Yeah , we’ll be fine travelling alone.”