Alec Baldwin mocks airline incident on TV

London: Alec Baldwin joked about his removal from an American Airlines flight by parodying the incident on the comedy show Saturday Night Live.

He was ordered off the New York-bound plane on Dec 6 at the request of the pilot after the actor refused to stop playing a word game on his cell phone while the aircraft was preparing for take-off at Los Angeles International Airport.

Baldwin subsequently apologised to fellow passengers for delaying their journey and joked about the incident in a sketch in the Dec 10 episode of Saturday Night Live, the Daily Express reported.

The actor dressed up as an American Airlines pilot and issued an apology to himself.

“Alec Baldwin is American treasure, and I am ashamed at the way he was treated,” the Daily Express quoted him as telling host Seth Meyers.

“I mean, what harm would it do to let him keep playing his game, and not any game mind you... but a word game for smart people... How dare we speak ill of the great Alec Baldwin and we can``t even take off on time,” he said.


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