Alia Bhatt prefers acting advice from Karan Johar than family

Mumbai: Newcomer Alia Bhatt, daughter of renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, says she prefers to consult her mentor Karan Johar regarding her career over her family.

Johar had launched Alia with `Student of the Year` last year.

"Karan is like my mentor. He has given birth to me when it comes to getting into this industry. So every decision that I make, I do consult him. He obviously wants me to take my own decisions. He wants me to make mistakes and learn. He is a very important part of my life and career," Alia told PTI in an interview here.

Alia, who is the sister of actor-turned-director Pooja Bhatt and cousin of actor Emraan Hashmi, says she doesn`t take any acting tips from them.

"I don`t take advice on acting but I do ask them about a film or what I should do or how I should behave. I do talk about these things. But I don`t take acting tips from them," she said.

Though her father has a production company, Alia decided not to start her acting career with the Bhatt camp. Not only her debut film, but even her upcoming projects ? `Highway` and `2 States` - are not from Vishesh Films (Bhatt camp).

"For my first film I had decided not to start off with our family banner. I was more than excited to do `Student of the Year` with Karan. But now if something comes up (from Vishesh Films) then I will definitely look into it," she said.