Alicia Keys derives inspiration from mom

London: Singer Alicia Keys says she learnt to balance parenting and work from her mother, who raised her alone.

"My mother was a single mother and she balanced it and worked at it and raised me so well. There`s always a way if you have the will," quoted Keys as saying.

The singer, who has an eight-month-old son, Egypt, with Swizz Beatz, a record producer, also says that becoming a mother has made her more aware of the thousands of parentless children in the world.

"Being a mother myself has made me think about all the children in the world who are motherless or parentless. It breaks my heart because I`m like, `What do they do with nobody there to support them and be with them?" said the 30-year-old.

"I`m a singer, an activist and a mother. I love all three very much and all three of them feed each other. Now becoming a mother makes me understand more about activism and being a mother makes me understand how dreadful it can be to never have a voice to speak to people," she added.


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