Altercation with Sohail Khan? Fabricated, says Varun Dhawan!

Updated: Mar 05, 2013, 10:04 AM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Delhi: Seems like another actor has rubbed Salman Khan the wrong way… And this time, it’s not Shah Rukh Khan. It’s somebody much younger and new to the industry – Varun Dhawan. Despite the thick friendship that Salman Khan shares with David Dhawan, the latter’s son is said to have had a war of words with Salman’s brother Sohail Khan.

Reports suggest that junior Dhawan recently had a not-so-good-time with Sohail Khan. As a result, Salman is said to have spoken to Varun sternly, giving him a piece of his mind regarding his conduct. Sohail Khan, too, has reportedly spoken to Varun asking him not to get in his way again.

The young Varun Dhawan, meanwhile, could do nothing but apologise given the fact that it was the hefty Khan brothers on one side and he alone on the other!

Sohail Khan, however, has spoken out against the alleged altercation with Varun. According to DNA, Khan said, "Such baseless reports only cause embarrassment for all concerned. Beyond that it’s just too funny."

And to take Sohail's statement further, Varun Dhawan too recently tweeted, "Also some news is out that I had an altercation with Sohail Bhai. It's completely fabricated and false!! Haven't meet him since the last couple of months and Infact spoke to him yesterday and laughed about this stupid news(sic)"

We hope all's well between you guys!