Amanda Bynes felt she deserved ‘LiLo’s roles’

New York: Amanda Bynes reportedly became frustrated that she wasn’t landing roles being offered to Lindsay Lohan.

A high-level agency source has come forward to reveal that Amanda was showing signs she was headed for a meltdown back in 2007.

While Lohan was snapped up in adult fare like Robert Altman’s `A Prairie Home Companion` Bynes felt unable to break out of the teen genre.

"Everybody had her as a goody-goody. She couldn`t break out of that genre," the executive told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Her frustration was, ``I could have played this role; I could have played that role. I`m not getting the Lindsay Lohan roles.``

It was only a handful of months after leaving “Hall Pass,” that she took to her Twitter and announced her retirement from acting.

In June 2010, she tweeted: "Being an actress isn`t as fun as it may seem."

After retiring, Bynes seems to have only made headlines after her multiple run-ins with law enforcement.

Most recently, the actress has been charged on two separate hit-and-run incidents on April 10 and Aug. 4. She plead "not guilty" to both.

She still faces one DUI charge and two charges of driving on a suspended license.