Amanda puts career before love!

London: Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried says she puts her career before love.

"My character was very motivated by her job and not by her love life, which is kind of normal for a girl her age. I know it is for me. Sometimes I focus less on my relationship and more on my career," quoted her as saying.

"I think it`s common to meet somebody and fall in love right away, but the rest isn`t easy. When you`re in love, sometimes you just can`t see it realistically. The world inside a relationship can be very warped because of feelings and memories, and it all becomes jumbled," she said.

Amanda admitted her own relationship with Dominic Cooper had been quite a challenge at times.

"It`s never easy to be separated from someone you love. When your love lives in another country, it`s a lot of miles on airplanes, a lot of distance in space and in time. I always find it hard, even after you`re separated even for just a few days," she added.



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