Amar Singh denies speaking to Bipasha on phone

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: In an exclusive interview to a leading daily, politician Amar Singh cleared the air about the infamous Bipasha tapes. The tapes, which have been doing the rounds for sometime, had Singh speaking explicitly with actress Bipasha Basu. Singh denied speaking to Bipasha on the phone but admitted that it was him.

Said the politician, “Apart from the fact that the age gap between me and her is huge, I have only seen Bipasha twice in my life, that too, in a crowd. Once at the premiere of Viruddh, in which John acted as Amitabh ji`s son. The second time I saw her was at a special screening of Lamha. That`s about all. She must be knowing that this man is Amar Singh, and I knew that she was Bipasha Basu. Barring that, I have had no interaction whatsoever with Bipasha.”

Singh apologized to the actress profusely and admitted that it was him speaking but to a male friend.

“There is nothing to deny. My 2005-2006 24 hours, 365 days` taped telephone conversations can be checked, there is not a single conversation between me and Bipasha. And thank god it is not there. The Bipasha Basu of 2006 phoning somebody would be very flattering for anyone, but I did not get that opportunity of feeling flattered. And any lady is unlikely to talk like that... ladies rarely propose. It is the habit and prerogative of men to propose, and we are also often disposed. A lady will not chase Amar Singh!”

The politician also added, “I am not denying it is my voice – but that is not how I would speak to a lady. I have spoken that line to a naughty male friend of mine – some bitchy men to men talk. It is along the lines of "I have become old, I am not interested in girls" conversation. I`d like to make clear that it is not Bipasha. I will not tell you with whom I was talking, but he is also a celebrity, he is also a known person. So yes, it is my voice, and I am not embarrassed to accept that. I know a film actor – a faded star – was very hostile towards me, spreading canards about Bipasha and me at that point of time.”

Amar Singh also admitted that his relation with Jaya Bachchan had soured and she had not stood by him during the time of crisis. He said, “I treated Jaya Bachchan as family, and that I feel sorry for the demise of such a beautiful relationship. And beyond that, I will not open my mouth.”