Amitabh suggests massage therapy to SRK’s nagging back problem

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan has expressed concern over King Khan’s growing health risk. It’s a well known fact that Shah Rukh Khan keeps hurting his body on film sets and has to endure pain because of strenuous activities. News has it that Big B has offered his expert advice to SRK, recommending massage rather than medication to counter a back ache that SRK acquired during a shoot recently.

For years, Shah Rukh has been suffering from this nagging back pain that prohibits him to go about in his regular carefree manner. However, the pain had subsided for some time, but recently it resurfaced following the extreme action stunts in SRK’s latest flick ‘Ra. One’ which is, currently, on the floors.

Informing the condition to his fans on Twitter, SRK wrote, “Huge blue screen… 100 cars… cranes wires… gawd i am making a film beyond my means. Now working with my doctor on my back. Time to scream out ouch… ooh… aah.”

In response to that, another stalwart of Bollywood - Amitabh Bachchan showed concern and wished him a quick recovery besides handing out some advices. “Speedy recovery for your back Shah Rukh! It is such a bother really. I take resort through medication, but massage is better,” Big B wrote on his twitter page.

Let’s hope SRK follows Big B’s advice and we may see him soon in the pink of his health.