Amitabh to learn sitar, sarod

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan, busy composing music in his free time, has decided to learn sitar and sarod.

"Okaay! So am getting into the business of acquiring a sitar and a sarod soon enough so I may have the pleasure to be pulling a few strings!!" Amitabh wrote on his blog

"These are times I shall look forward to... my sitar, my sarod, my piano and me… sounds like the title of a really bad book or movie!

"But… though I may be able to learn the instruments now, just the fact that I shall be holding them and pretending to be some great master, shall indeed be of a great interest and value to me," he added.

The 69-year-old recalls the time when he was shooting for the 1973 film "Abhimaan", people refused to believe that he didn`t play the sitar in the movie.

"In the early days of mine in the film industry, someone took pictures of mine holding or playing a sitar, I think as property for the decoration of the walls of the sets of our film `Abhimaan` …

"Now no one is willing to believe that I do not play the sitar... `stop trying to kid us Mr B, we`ve seen pictures of yours with the sitar" ! What does one say to such a misconception!" he posted.