Amy blames herself for dad’s hospitalization after her latest bender

Updated: Aug 11, 2010, 17:54 PM IST

London: English singer Amy Winehouse is blaming herself after her dad Mitch was rushed to hospital following her latest bender.

The troubled singer is devastated her father, a London cabbie, who has been struggling to rescue Amy from her drugs and booze lifestyle, suffered severe chest pains.

The 26-year-old singer is worried that his stress-related illness is only because of her wayward lifestyle. Mitch, 59, was rushed to hospital after a Spanish holiday and was undergoing tests at the London Clinic on Harley Street.

Doctors are now carrying out a number of tests to ascertain the cause of his chest pain. But friends revealed that Amy feels it is all her fault after she enjoyed a mad night some time ago.

Amy was seen slumped over a pub bench at 11.30am following a marathon 18-hour booze bender.

“Amy blames herself, she rushed to her father’s side and feels 100 percent responsible. Amy is always causing her dad worry and pain with her drunken antics and manic behaviour. The picture of her drunk at 11am last week was the final straw,” The Daily Star quoted a family friend as saying.

“Mitch constantly feels stressed out worrying about Amy when she’s partying late at night and misbehaving. He lies awake at night hoping she’s safe.” Mitch reportedly started having chest pains on holiday in Spain last week,” the friend added.

“Mitch visited a Spanish doctor and after flying into London he went straight from the airport to the hospital. The whole family have been to visit him and are trying to calm him down as his stress levels are extremely high,” the friend further said.

“Amy is sorting herself out and her third album will blow people away. Amy’s been clean for 18 months, she likes a drink but isn’t a drug addict any more. I’m extremely proud of her,” Mitch had previously told The Daily Star.

“I drive myself sick worrying about it,” he had said.