Amy Winehouse parts ways with Reg Traviss

London: Amy Winehouse’s new romance with director Reg Traviss has ended within four months of it’s commencement.

They couple had a blazing argument after Traviss was spotted hand in hand with his dancer ex, Raven.

"She hasn`t spoken to Reg since and she`s told everyone that it`s over. She`s pretty cut up about it, as she was serious concerning the relation. Amy is confused and vulnerable," the Sun quoted a close pal of Amy as saying.

Since Reg was caught with his ex, Amy has been seen crying in his parents` London pub. Moreover, her ex, Blake, is constantly calling her, something she could do without.

“Reg might have bungled by having unfinished business with an ex but Blake is a complete loser. She`s had a pretty rubbish time, I just hope her weekend is better,” her friend concluded.