Amy Winehouse’s dad struggling to cope with daughter’s death

Updated: Oct 30, 2011, 15:12 PM IST

London: A relative of Amy Winehouse has revealed that the late singer’s grieving father Mitch is struggling to cope with her death.

In an interview on RTE’s ‘Late Late Show’, the ‘Rehab’ hitmaker’s dad claimed that his daughter was sending messages from beyond the grave via butterflies and birds.

The relative, Jonathan Winehouse, who is a doctor, was concerned about him and said that his musings could be hiding a darker torment.

“I’m concerned about Mitch. I don’t think he has had a lot of time to grieve. I care about Mitch a lot. He is my father’s cousin,” the Daily Star quoted the relative as saying.

“My view is that it is not a great interview – he starts talking nonsense at one point.”

“As I am a doctor I think I realise what is going on.”

“The problem is he is similar in character to Amy.”

“She wanted to be able to communicate with people on a deep level and I think Mitch is the same,” he added.