Andre finalises coffee shop name, to open in 10 weeks

London: Singer Peter Andre has disclosed the name of his first coffee shop - he has named it New York Coffee Club - and it will open in 10 weeks.

"I can officially reveal the name for my new coffee shop chain - The New York Coffee Club (or NYCC for short)," said Andre.

The singer has been planning to open a restaurant for sometime and his brother helped him in finalising the name, reports

"I can`t take any credit though, as my brother Mike thought of it. When I first had the idea of opening a shop, we were actually in New York together, so that`s how he came up with it. We`re meant to be opening the first one in East Grinstead in 10 weeks, so fingers crossed it`ll be ready in time," he added.

Andre`s first coffee shop will open close to where he stays - in East Grinstead in south east England. He hopes to open a chain of coffee shops if this one turns out to be successful.

"I`m hoping it`ll be a chain eventually, but at the moment I just want to focus on the one shop. It makes sense for it to be near my house so that I can pop in and help out whenever they need me there!" he said.