Angelina Jolie has no solitude

London: Raising six kids at a time can take a toll on your privacy, feels Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, who has just no time to be alone.

The 35-year-old actress who raises the children with actor Brad Pitt admits the only time she gets to be alone is in the bath or shower and struggles to get any peaceful moments away from her large family, even early in the mornings, Contactmusic reported.

"I wake up. I`ve got four kids in bed with me and Brad is on the phone and with the twins. I just don`t get any solitude - most people with kids don`t. Sometimes you get a
bath or a shower but usually somebody is trying to get in. You get used to it," Jolie said.

However, the `Salt` star thanks her partner Pitt to keep everything under control.

"Brad and I take turns - like now, he`s working so I`m home with the kids and then in four months I`ll be itching to do something. It does balance itself out mainly because I have an extraordinary partner who gives me that time," Jolie said.



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