Angelina Jolie says she has ‘no immediate plans for further kids’

Updated: Jun 04, 2011, 17:20 PM IST

Washington: Angelina Jolie, who is raising three adopted and three biological children with partner Brad Pitt, has revealed she has no plans to expand her brood further, but knows this could change if she gets a sudden urge in the future.

"We`re always open if it feels right, but we have a full house and at the moment, nothing has come clear to us,” Contactmusic quoted Jolie as saying.

"It`s the same, I suppose, as when somebody decides to get pregnant, there`s just a moment where something becomes clear to you and, at the moment, that`s not what we`re discussing,” she added.

The brunette beauty also admitted she has learned not to worry about her life so long as her children are happy and healthy.