Angelina Jolie’s kids ‘treat her like a waitress’

Updated: Aug 20, 2010, 15:57 PM IST

London: Angelina Jolie has revealed that her six kids treat her like a waitress sometimes.

The actress said that although she “loves" making the kids packed lunches; it becomes a bit too demanding sometimes.

"The problem with my packed lunches though is everybody is very, very outspoken about what they want, so it becomes - I often say, ``I’m not a waitress``," The Mirror quoted her as telling GMTV.

She added, "We go through so much food, and they’re still little, so I can imagine it’s going to get worse."

Jolie, however, admitted that her family has given her a "full life"

She said of her family: "I feel like I was kind of looking for purpose when I was younger and I always wanted something wild and something just full of - I just wanted my life to be very full.

"And now my life is so full and so loud and so full of chaos in my house - and the most beautiful chaos with these lovely little people,” she said.