Anupam Kher not mourning his dad`s death

Updated: Feb 13, 2012, 20:40 PM IST

Mumbai: Anupam and his brother Raju Kher are not mourning the death of their father Pushkarnath Kher and want people to attend the condolence meet in colourful attires.

"We`re indeed celebrating our father`s death. He lived a full life. He witnessed so many wonderful happenings during his life. He liked to spread happiness wherever he went. I`m sure he`s at this very moment making everyone laugh in heaven," said Anupam.

His father died on Feb 10. Anupam had left for Goa to attend the wedding of his friend David Dhawan`s son when the news of his father`s death reached the actor. He had to return from Goa airport.

"I`m sure if my father had his way, he`d have urged me to attend the wedding instead of returning."

"My father was my greatest critic and fan. He would call up from our home-town in Shimla inquiring about every snippet of news that appeared about me in Hindi and English newspapers. `Beta, unhonein aisa kyon likha?` He`d wonder at some insignificant but nasty news item. I had to remind him to just chill," said Anupam

Every morning unfailingly, Anupam made that morning call to his father to give him the lowdown on the previous day`s activities.

"More recently, of course, my parents had moved to Mumbai to be with me and my brother. So I was relieved from the pain of missing that morning phone chat with him now when he`s not available on the phone any more," said Anupam.

The Khers` home has shunned the normal mournful atmosphere.

"Like I said, we`re celebrating his death. For the condolence meeting on Monday, we`ve asked all our friends to please not show up in the mournful black and white clothes. Come clothed in colours, please. Because that`s what my father provided in our lives all his life.

"Lots of vibrant colours of joy and positivity. I know he`s up there looking down at us. He will find a way to connect with me, just like he did even in those days of bad STD connections between Shimla and Mumbai," said Anupam.