AR Rahman: The National Anthem Controversy

The musical maestro is known to keep away from controversies and so perhaps the hullabaloo over his ‘Jana Gana Mana’ (India’s national anthem) was theonly controversy he was ever involved in.

Known for his classically different style of singing and directing songs. Rahman came up with an elusive way of singing the national anthem. According to the petitioner, Mohanraj, General Secretary of Jebamani Janata Party, who approached the high court for the same the music director’s intention to release the album was to cash in on the national anthem.

He had further alleged that the national anthem should be sung within predetermined seconds but Rahman has sung it for over seven minutes. However, the decision was ruled out on Rahman’s favour and the judges stated that that it is the right of the citizens to sing the national anthem and it cannot be deemed as an act of disrespect. Also they gave the verdict that there is no such rule as to the stipulated.