Arnie denies `fluffer` job claim

London: Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has dismissed reports that he once worked as a “fluffer” on the sets of pornographic films.

The Austrian-born actor and politician had made a joke during an interview that it had been his worst ever job.

However, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger denied the claims, insisting that the 62-year-old had been joking, reports a news daily.

The rep asserted that Schwarzenegger was speaking hypothetically, naming the task – which involves arousing male porn stars before a performance – as the worst job possible.

The governor’s remarks came during an interview with James Lipton at Chelsea Piers in New York.

A news daily reported that when asked what his favourite job was, the Terminator star said: “English teacher.”

Lipton then asked: “Least favourite job?” to which Schwarzenegger replied: “Fluffer.”