Arshad Warsi slams Katrina Kaif , says she is ‘pakao’

Updated: Mar 06, 2011, 14:01 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Every guy’s dream-date Katrina Kaif has a non-admirer in the form of Arshad Warsi. The funnyman of Bollywood has slammed the actress on Twitter stating how bogus Katrina’s mango flavoured soft drink ad is. The hottie, who is looking demure, speaks of her passion for the drink in a language laced with sexual connotations.

According to what appears, Arshad is not all impressed by the seductive ad of Katrina Kaif. The actor finds the ad extremely corny. He got so sick of it that he lashed out against Kat on a micro blogging site Twitter.

He writes, "How pakao is Katrina in the ad, kairi pakadti hai aur vo aam ban jata hai... Angoor do toh shayad Wine banjayegi...".

Now, we are waiting to see if Kat has anything to say to that?