Arvind Kaushik creates history, shoots film in two hours

Bangalore: Kannada director Arvind Kaushik created a record by wrapping up his film `Nam Areiali Innondhina` in just two hours here.

Produced by Anaji Nagaraj, the entire film and the two songs were shot by using two Red cameras and five Canon 5D cameras.

The music has been composed Arjun Janya and Prasad makes his debut as a choreographer with the film.

Talking about the project, the Kaushik, who directed films like "Nam Areali Ondhina" and "Tuglaq", said though he had thought of making a film in a single shot, many of his friends had advised him that is is not a practical idea.

"But somehow I thought it could be a practical venture if we do proper home work on the table and each shot, framing could be worked out," he added.

He said the project got into momentum after he met Nagaraj.

"In fact, I went to Anaji Nagaraj to discuss another project, which was almost finalised. Since it was raining that day, I just briefed the one line story of this film which was to be shot in just 120 minutes.

"Anaji Nagaraj had already done a film, which was shot in 18 hours, which had an actor like Shivaraj Kumar and many top artists. The film also had some eight directors each shooting different sequences of the script. But my attempt was to direct individually under my supervision.

"Anaji liked my idea and said he is prepared to back my project. And the rest is history. I worked on the script and chose a perfect location to shoot the film," he said.

Kaushik informs that the whole script was designed and locations were selected to ensure that the entire shooting is completed within 120 minutes.

Kannada artists like Sathya, Patre Ajith, Ravi Shankar, and Chethan Chandra feature in the movie.

Roopika is only heroine in the film.

Artists like Kailash, Rishab, Ravi Teja and Chethan wil;l be seen in an important roles in the film.