Ashley Cole parties in Los Angeles

London: Footballer Ashley Cole is living it up in Los Angeles even as his soon-to-be ex-wife Cheryl Tweedy undergoes a hospital stint after being diagnosed with Malaria.

The soccer star who separated from the popstar in February this year, was surrounded by women during his holiday in California.

The 29-year-old arrived in LA on Saturday with a group of friends for a lads` holiday.

Cole was seen chatting to three different women outside a club, with one of them even flashing her breasts at him, reported Daily Mail online.

The three girls then accompanied the footballer to his hotel and Cole was spotted saying good-bye to them in the morning.

He reportedly enjoyed a fling with lapdancer Sarah Purnell before flying to South Africa for the World Cup.

Even as the Chelsea defender has been partying up a storm in LA, his estranged wife has been suffering health problems.

The `X Factor` judge has been ordered to rest by doctors after fainting at a photoshoot on Saturday after suffering from "exhaustion".

The 27-year-old was rushed to the hospital next day when she began "sweating and shivering" at her home in Surrey. Doctors took urgent tests and confirmed that she was
suffering from Malaria.