Ashley Cole told lapdancer girlfriend ‘she looked like Cheryl’

London: Ashley Cole apparently told his alleged lapdancer lover that she looked like his estranged wife Cheryl, minutes after sleeping with her.

The England footballer met Sarah Purnell in London`s Supperclub in May and took her back to his Surrey flat.

"Afterwards, we sat up in bed for about half an hour, chatting,” the Sun quoted Purnell as telling new! magazine.

"I then showed him a photo that I have on my phone and told him that everyone always says I look like her in that particular photo. He said, ``Yeah, you do look like Cheryl.``

"It wasn`t awkward or anything. That was the first and only time we spoke about Cheryl," she added.

When asked whether she felt sorry for Cheryl, who divorced Ashley due to his cheating, Sarah replied: "Why should I?”

"I never experienced it, I can`t judge the situation.

"He`s been nothing but a gentleman to me. He`s so laid-back and chilled. He`s so grounded. I think Ash just gets a really hard time.”

"He has women constantly throwing themselves at him. I feel sorry for him. What a way to live your life," she added. (ANI)



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