Ashley Judd reveals childhood sexual abuse in new memoir

London: Actress Ashley Judd has opened up about the traumatic childhood she led in a new memoir, which also reveals she had been a victim of sexual abuse.

Judd, 42, revealed in her new book ‘All That Is Bitter and Sweet’ that she was abused repeatedly, and had led such a torturous childhood that she considered taking her own life, a newspaper reported.

The actress said the first of the many sexual assaults she endured was when she was still living in Kentucky, where her mother Naomi Judd had moved the family after her divorce from Michael Ciminella.

According to the National Enquirer, Judd recalled in graphic detail being pulled into a dark, empty store by an older man who offered her a quarter to play a pinball machine.

She revealed vivid memories of how he grabbed her and molested her while putting his tongue in her mouth.

She managed to fight the perpetrator off but said when she revealed her trauma to adults in her life, no one believed her, which left her devastated.

‘All That Is Bitter and Sweet’ will be released on April 5.