Ashmit Patel bullied Imran’s friend, broke his nose

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Ashmit Patel has proved yet again that he is one of those spoilt brats who love being in news for all wrong reasons!

The younger brother of Bollywood hottie Ameesha Patel, Ashmit recently got involved in a brawl at a nightspot, in Lower Parel, Mumbai. He proved that he is a notorious man of the first order when for no reason he bullied Vicky, a close friend of actor Imran Khan.
Vicky along with his girlfriend Pooja and friend Amin had visited the nightspot for a drink. That was when Ashmit started bullying Vicky and when the latter ignored the controversy stricken actor, Patel got furious and smacked him. Vicky’s nose broke and had suffered cuts and bruises on his face.
Explaining what happened that night, a source said, “Vicky does not know Ashmit, neither professionally nor at a personal level,” said a source.

Patel’s friends joined him and started beating up Vicky.
“Pooja was horrified seeing Vicky bleeding the way he was. Ashmit was in a very aggressive mood. He was trying to bully people in the nightclub. He just wanted violence,” an eyewitness said to the tabloid.
Vicky was taken to three hospitals before he finally got treated in Borivli. The victim had lost almost 3-4 litres of blood as he couldn’t get instant medication.

The official spokesperson of Imran said, “What happened is extremely unfortunate. Imran is not in town. And he doesn`t know about this. But if he were here, he would have been very upset. Vicky is very close to him.”

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