Ash’s post-natal weight criticism draws flak from the western media

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: She was crowned for being the most beautiful woman in the world. As an actress she has made her country proud by putting the Hindi film industry on the world map via her various international appearances including the highly regarded Cannes Film Festival.

But Aishwarya Rai is now being slammed for her unshapely post pregnancy figure by her own countrymen. Ever since she delivered a baby girl in November last year, Ash has received a lot of criticism for the oodles of weight that she has put on.

While the Indian media has completely crictisized Ash’s weight gain, the unfair lashing has not gone down well with the Western Media who is “shocked” at the flak Aishwarya has been getting from her own homeland. What has caught hold of Western media’s attention is the irony that Indians tend to accept people of all shapes and sizes unlike their western counterparts where being thin for a celeb is mandatory. Yet in Aishwarya’s case, it is quite an opposite scene altogether.

Interestingly, several popular websites have given a'thumbs up’ to Ash and her recent weight gain. The lady has been trending on various social networking sites ever since she was clicked at the Ambani bash.

Aishwarya is scheduled to make an appearance at the Cannes red carpet this year. The Indian media may not be kind but we sure know that whatever she wears it will be applauded by the western media.