Ashton Kutcher, a computer geek a la Steve Jobs

London: Director Joshua Michael Stern says actor Ashton Kutcher, who stars as the late Steve Jobs in his biopic ‘JOBS’, shares the same enthusiasm for computers as the Apple Mac founder.

"He knew everything there was to know about everything that was going on, even historically, about the technology we used. I walked onto a set once and there was a computer processor that was there as set dressing, and he removed it and said, `This wasn`t invented for two more years`," Stern told Wall Street Journal.

Kutcher, 35, ended up in a hospital after he tried to follow the late entrepreneur`s fruitarian diet. But he said that he wanted to do justice to the character, reports

He also admits that the audiences may be apprehensive about his interpretation of the icon.

"People are probably going to watch and in some ways feel there are things I didn`t nail. There`s a lot of different perspectives on the guy," Kutcher told Wall Street Journal.


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