Ashton Kutcher lost Jennifer Aniston date bet

Updated: Feb 22, 2011, 11:16 AM IST

London: Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher asked out Jennifer Aniston as part of a bet he had made as a teenager, but was turned down.

The `What Happens in Vegas` star had even sought permission from Aniston`s then husband Brad Pitt in a bid to win the bet he made with a friend in high school, reported
a website.

"So I make a bet with my buddy. I`m probably 17 years old. I said to him, `I bet you USD 1,000 that some day I will go on a date with Jennifer Aniston.` I`m 17 years old and
she`s like on my screensaver on my computer and he`s like `You`re on...`," said Kutcher.

The 33-year-old actor had a huge crush on the `Friends` actress and got the chance to ask her out, only to be disappointed. But Kutcher says he is friends with Aniston

"Four or five years later I actually meet Jennifer Aniston and she`s married to Brad Pitt at the time. And so I went to Brad Pitt and I asked his permission to ask his wife out on a date.

"I said, `Listen, I made a bet with my buddy, you`re a cool guy, you`re gonna let this go down, right?` And he looked at me, he`s like, `You go for it.` And I`m like, `You`re the coolest guy I`ve ever met in my life!` So I asked her and she turned me down. But now we`re friends," said Kutcher.