Ashton Kutcher’ popchips ad pulled off air amid racism claims

Washington: A new crisps commercial starring Ashton Kutcher, which sees him donning “brown face” makeup, has been pulled from American airwaves due to claims of racism.

The 34-year-old actor appears as Raj, a 39-year-old foolish Bollywood producer looking for love in the advert for PopChips.

In the dating themed film he says he is looking for “the most delicious thing on the planet”, as well as indulging in appropriately cheesy Bollywood parodying dancing.

His collection of roles includes a biker, a hippie, and an Indian man named Raj.

In the Raj parody, the 34-year-old ‘Punk’d’ producer jokes that he’s looking for a woman who is “``Kardashian hot ... I would give that dog a bone.``”

Blogger Anil Dash brought the video to negative public attention, calling it “a hackneyed, unfunny advertisement featuring Kutcher in brownface talking about his romantic options, with the entire punchline being that he’s doing it in a fake-Indian outfit and voice.”

“I think the people behind this Popchips ad are not racist. I think they just made a racist ad,” a website has quoted Dash as writing in the blog.

CEO Keith Belling issued a statement saying that the advert did not mean to offend anybody.

“We did not intend to offend anyone. I take full responsibility and apologise to anyone we offended,” Belling said.


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