Asli Sona! Sonakshi Sinha shows how to shut up the trollers

Soon after this distasteful tweet by this fan, Twitteratti started trolling him and Sonakshi was one of the top trending names. 

Asli Sona! Sonakshi Sinha shows how to shut up the trollers
Pic Courtesy: @sonakshisinha

New Delhi: Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha's darling daughter Sonakshi Sinha is a girl of the moment. She knows how to keep her detractors at bay and like a boss! Recently, the actress conducted Q&A session with her fans where the unexpected happened. 

One of the fans, asked Sona baby, When are you showing us your body? When will you wear a bikini?” However, the reply Sonakshi gave shut him up in a nice way. She replied: “Ask your mum or sister the same question you creep. Let me know what they say!” 

Soon after this distasteful tweet by this fan, Twitteratti started trolling him and Sonakshi was one of the top trending names. However, this didn't stop here—there was another Twitter user, this time a girl—who felt offended by the actress' remark and wrote:

“@sonakshisinha Bollywood actresses who sell their skin for money need not lecture us about what is shameless!”

She got Sonakshi's piece of mind as well, as the actress tweeted back: She wrote on her timeline: “@aditi_ca US?? So ur sayin ur in his category ???? What a dhabba on womankind u urself are for sharing his disgusting line of thought.”

Amidst all of this, actor Varun Dhawan jumped into the conversation and supported his industry buddy Sonakshi. He tweeted to this girl: “Everyone This girl needs to be trolled. pleas educate her.” He added: “Aditi you need to shut up coz you misjudged your brain for your ass. I guess that’s where you think from. “

Later, he did apologise for his choice of words.

Sonakshi too deleted her tweet saying: