Bad mouthed Dolly Bindra turns a submissive soul?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Dolly Bindra, who made headlines with her sleazy antics on reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4’, has been in news, for all wrong reasons since then. Not too long ago, the controversy queen went vocal about her take on the Great Khali and his body guards’ misbehavior towards his fans. She ended up accusing Khali for being a ruthless human. And recently, the bad mouthed actress indulged in a spat with fellow devotees at the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai.

Ironically, Dolly’s argument was for a good reason this time around. The lady had let an old woman to move ahead of the crowd to take ‘darshan’ of the Almighty. Other devotees present did not appreciate Dolly’s humanitarian gesture and created a ruckus in the temple.

But Dolly was quick enough to give them a convincing explanation and unexpectedly, in a polite manner. She said, “She asked me and I told her it was fine for me if she went ahead of me. I was at the temple for thanksgiving as I just got myself a new car. One of the devotees who was on his way out objected for no reason!"

And since ‘Bigg Boss`, life has not been easy for the actress. People have been misusing her pictures and hacking her social networking accounts.

"People are misusing my personal pictures," she said.

Now whether or not Dolly’s shocking yet surprising transformation was due to divine intervention is something to ponder over. Or does she have some malicious intention behind it?

Any guesses people?