Banderas helps raise money for Brazil`s disabled

Rio de Janeiro: Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas auctioned off six photographs from his collection titled "Secretos sobre negro" in a bid to collect fund for a non-governmental organisation supporting disabled people in Brazil.

"I`ve been (clicking) photos for many years, but without publishing them, and now they offered me the chance to start this charity project," Banderas said.

The auction took place in Rio`s City Palace, where some 200 guests attended the bidding to support the Spanish actor`s initiative.

The "Secretos sobre negro" collection consists of 23 images with which the actor made his first foray into the world of photography.

The collection pays tribute to the art of bull-fighting from a feminine perspective in which semi-nudes predominate, with abundant references to the Spanish culture.

The proceeds from the auction will be donated to RioInclui, an organisation dedicated to supporting people with disabilities.

Banderas has visited several countries since 2010 where he has auctioned many photographs from his collection with the aim of collecting fund for various NGOs.