Barack Obama is a "good person": Robert De Niro

Los Angeles: President Barack Obama has his share of critics but Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro is not one of them.

‘The Taxi Driver’ star believes Obama is a good person. De Niro also believes that it would be impossible for the President to deliver on all his promises; the Wrap reported quoting De Niro`s Dujour interview.

"He`s a good person, period. He`s trying his best. He`s going to do things that people feel are not right or violating one right or another. But at the end of the day, he represents, I think, the best of the type of people that I would like to see running the government. He has to play that game, the political game. They all do. They make statements they can`t honor because they`re impossible to honor," he told the magazine.

The 70-year-old said it must be hard for Obama to work under so much criticism.

"... You have to make these choices with the government, and you`re going to be criticized. If you took the time to explain it all to the public, they`d say, `OK, I get it`. Can you explain to everybody? No. You just have to say, `I made this choice because I felt it was the right choice`."


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