Battle of the WAGS: Posh wary of Cheryl’s ‘piggy-backing’ fashion threat

London: Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham might be icons for many, but when it comes to their opinion on each other, it is widely differing.

Cole, who has been approached to produce a shoe line for shopping site, recently admitted that she’s found inspiration in her fellow singer-turned fashion queen.

“I saw Victoria on a plane recently and she said how exciting it is to be a designer,” the Daily Mail quoted the 28-year-old as telling Grazia.

“I think it’s brilliant what she’s done. I’d love to do what she’s doing. Her New York Fashion Week collection was my favourite,” she added.

But, whereas Cole revealed that she is a huge fan of Posh’s work, David Beckham’s wife made it a point that she is less interested in the ‘Fight For This Love’ singer’s taste.

According to a source, Beckham resents the fact that once Cole makes a move into fashion, the pair will be compared at every turn.

“Victoria has spent years trying to distance herself from the world of the WAGs that she and Cheryl inhabited when they were friends during the 2006 World Cup,” a source told Heat magazine.

“She’s fought tooth and nail to be respected in the world of high fashion and last week she was the toast of New York’s Fashion Week.

“Now she feels as though Cheryl’s trying to piggy-back on all of her hard work,” the source added.


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